About us

Feministeerium is an independent feminist media outlet in Estonia. We publish weekly online articles on our blog, comment and share news on our Facebook page, tweet occasionally, and collect sexist ads on Instagram. We are interested in an intersectional perspective and have a soft spot for queer issues. We like different feminist voices to be heard and offer a platform for feminist writers in Estonia and abroad, representing a variety of perspectives. Whenever we have the opportunity, we arrange feminist creative writing workshops. We welcome both visual and written contributions (written ones should be in Estonian, Russian or English). The editorial staff reserves the right to choose which contributions are to be published. If you are interested, please contact us at our contact page.


Aet Kuusik_Foto_Vallo Kruuser1Aet Kuusik

Aet Kuusik is an editor and contributor. Aet has studied linguistics and works mainly with texts, but has also made a debut as a playwright. She was a co-organiser of the feminist festival Ladyfest, and has been active in other grassroots initiatives. Aet is especially interested in queer perspectives, intersections between power and privilege, and animal rights.


briBrigitta Davidjants

Brigitta Davidjants is an editor and author. Her passion is writing – from journalistic to academic work. She has a special interest in minority topics, and her research focuses on nationalism. Brigitta believes in the symbiosis of the academic world and political activism. In her free time, she composes music for her band HUNT.


Kadi profiilikasKadi Viik

Kadi Viik is an editor and contributor. She has a background in human rights and has previously worked for the Estonian government and the UN. When she is not writing for Feministeerium, she is probably somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere observing elections, or volunteering for social causes in Estonia. She believes in the power of grassroots activism and writing.


8VK_0498Nele Laos

Nele Laos is a project coordinator, an activist and a leftist feminist in training. She is currently studying for her master’s degree in sociology at Tallinn University. In the past, she has organised Ladyfest Tallinn, and now she is poking her nose into different East and Central European grassroots initiatives related to queer-feminist issues and leftist politics.


Jana Tšerkašina
Jana Tserkasina is the Russian-language text’s editor at Feministeerium from October 2018 until April 2019. Jana has degrees in Economics and Finance and works in a management consulting company. Jana likes to write about feminism and career, and also has her blog about work, career, and self-development.